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Combat Warriors Muay Thai, is an established, professional and well respected martial arts academy providing classes in Bristol, Portishead and Radstock. Our flagship bristol based headquarters provides a wealth of knowledge from no less than 5 instructors and large fully equipped training facilities at your disposal. We cater for all levels of combative athlete from novice to professional fighter and pride ourselves on our superior level of instruction and quality of technique. Our hand picked instructors include; Lee Badman, David Willmot, Asa Hearn, Nathan Champ and Lee Campbell. Together we will help you to become highly tuned, razor sharp and well-conditioned combat warriors.

At Combat Warriors, students quickly build an arsenal of devastating striking and grappling techniques along with combinations and complex fighting strategies. Combined with the latest and greatest developments in fitness, speed and strength training and cutting edge teaching methods, our academy offers the ultimate training and fitness regimes available. Please be advised that our training regimes are physically demanding to reflect the nature of the sport in which our members compete.


Join In - Everyone is welcome

Our Bristol based Head Quarters is home to our elite Muay Thai fight team, ran by Combat Warriors chief instructor and founder "Kru Lee Badman". Like all Combat Warriors training centres, we operate an open door policy. Absolutely everyone is welcome, men, women and children of varying ages, ability and fitness level. We even welcome students from other disciplines looking for additional training or looking to take their competitive game to the next level.

All our classes guarantee to improve your flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, mental discipline and overall well-being. All classes are conducted in a controlled and safe environment whilst being fun, exciting and sociable. You don't have to be a martial arts specialist or a fight junkie to become a member in fact many of our students came to us for other reasons such as weight loss and fitness training, some even to combine more cardio with their weight training regime.

Our Head Quarters are fully equipped to provide you with everything you need and more to reach your full potential. Our full time training centre benefits from kick bags, authentic leather thai pads and focus mits, and additional top quality protective equipment, fully matted 52 x 24 ft training area, padded walls, mirrored area and much more. For your convenience we have a seated waiting area and offer a selection of refreshments. We also stock a selection of competitively priced, top qulaity equipment, apparel and supplements.

Our Portishead based satalite camp provides excellent Muay Thai classes twice per week and is ran by Combat Warriors senior "Chris Gribble" once more we operate an open door policy. Absolutely everyone is welcome, men, women and children of varying ages, ability and fitness level.

Combat Warriors training regimes have been developed to workout and challenge your entire body. So if you want to achieve the best possible shape of your life, then test drive of our academy for yourself and discover what Combat Warriors can do for you.

Our class based workouts are led by highly qualified professional coaches, so you can be sure that you are getting the best technical instruction along with a fun, fit and functional session. Class capacity is also restricted to ensure that you receive the attention you deserve.


Our Approach

All classes are carefully structured and tailored to suit individual needs, catering to both competitive and non-competitive athletes alike. This structured method enables us to meet the goals and objectives of all individuals. So whether you are interested in local, national or even international competition, or are simply looking to learn highly effective martial arts, we have classes to suit everyone. We place a huge emphasis on the quality of technique and overall we seek to ensure everyone gets to experience the realistic demands of such arts first hand. We monitor and track each students progress, providing essential feedback to ensure you are constantly reaching your full potential.

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Quality Instruction

We offer world-class training and instruction. By working as a unit, our immediate and extended family of Muay Thai experts has allowed us to create a no nonsense syllabus and the ultimate training regimes and teaching methods available today. We share one common goal, which is to provide the very best martial arts training and conditioning available. All our instructors are CRB Checked and have undergone extensive training. We only teach accurate and authentic material, absorbing what is useful and rejecting that which is useless. Our effective training methods have been proven to work and we are confident that the results speak for themselves. Each of our instructors establishes a long term program for our students and works hard to help them achieve it.


Work at Your Own Pace

We pride ourselves upon making the training you receive realistic and attainable. Most of our circuits and training drills are executed in lengths of time or rounds, not numbers. This allows more experienced students to achieve a higher number of repetitions, while lesser experienced students are able to work at their own pace without feeling intimidated. Our friendly team will never make you feel any less capable and we are always on hand to give you gentle push towards reaching your full potential.

Here are some of the more common reasons people come to train with us:

  • General / advanced fitness & endurance training
  • Weight loss
  • Quit smoking / Detox
  • Mental stimulation & motivation
  • Learn Muay Thai-Boxing
  • Quality self defence training
  • Pre-season football / rugby fitness training
  • Pre-fight Training
  • To learn self defence
  • Striking for Martial Arts

What we offer:

  • The ultimate in Muay Thai and Fitness with expert instructors
  • Personal protection and fitness
  • Regular grading and constant feedback* Almost monthly shows and inter-club competition
  • Challenging entire body workout
  • Stress relief
  • Increased confidence
  • Regular Team Social Outings... god help us...

So are you are ready to experience a real workout? One that will make you feel mentally and physically stronger, while learning the most effective self defence training around. We invite you to our academy for a no obligation test drive of our training system to see what Combat Warriors can do for you. Please contact us now to arrange your first session and reserve your space. We limit spaces to avoid overcrowding, enabling us to provide you with the quality and attention you deserve!

Combat Warriors Breed Champions

Your Training Starts Here!

After weeks of going to different fitness classes i.e. boot camp, circuit training and body conditioning I decided they wasn’t giving me the effects that I would like so I decided to try a different class, that’s when I heard about Muay Thai. If I’m honest I only started this class as I heard from rumours it is the best form of weight loss and fitness there is. However when I started I found I really enjoyed it and now after 4 months of training in this martial arts sport I will never go back. Lee Badman is an excellent coach and teacher of the sport, within the gym there is a great atmosphere and we all get on really well. I am looking forward to improving my performance and competing later this year.

Sammy - Kingswood, Bristol

I have tried many sports in my lifetime from rugby to american football, kickboxing and karate, but none have tested or challenged me and my body as much as Muay Thai has! Combat Warriors has helped me so much to improve my fitness, technique, strength and confidence. Being under the wing of a very unique trainer who has a very broad knowledge of the martial art and is a very patient and friendly teacher. I have met alot of great people and they all vary in style and experience which makes it so much more fun and helps me adapt my skills in all aspects of this sport. I will never look back! Lee will help me take myself to the best I can be in the sport. If your thinking of trying Muay Thai yourself I can definately reconmend Combat Warriors. You won't find a better knowledge of the sport in Bristol and you wont be pushed as hard physically but its very rewarding! 

Rob Rees, Filton, Bristol

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1-2-1 Sessions

Private sessions for Muay Thai, K-1 and KickBoxing are taylor made to your needs, so you can be sure you get the very best from your training!

Preparing for a fight? Looking to improve fitness and flexibility? Just want to finally master those techniques or get ready for grading?

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