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Combat Warriors are pleased to offer our 'Mixed Level Muay Thai' classes in Bristol and Portishead. These sessions are ideal for people who want to train and fight Muay Thai. Classes focus on building pricision, speed and power into the many Muay Thai techniques. Much of our technical time is spent developing combinations, blocks, checks, counters, set-ups, feints and other Muay Thai wizardary. We use a variety of training methods including partner training, pad work, light sparring and senario training all along side teaching our well respected syllabus, these classes truely have something for everyone...


Combat Warriors structure all our classes to be engaging and enjoyable whilst retaining a high level of tradition and discipline. Our mixed level adult classes focus on techniques and strategies with a follow on class for pad blast and sparring. Below is a typical class structure for an adults "mixed level class" to give you some idea of what these classes entail.

Warm-Up (Fitness and Flexibility):

All classes start with a welcome (wai bow),  general warm up is followed by speed and strength training all wrapped up with a stretching routine. Usually no longer than 15-20 mins but occassionally in this class we execute various sport specific fitness drills throughout the class to keep our fighters physically challenged. It is not uncommon to be doing circuits, HIIT and Tabata type warmups in these classes. We have literally hundereds of exercises and routines to challenge even the fittest of athlete so believe us when we say - everyone gets a great workout.

Technical Learning:

Mixed level classes focus on learning techniques, skills and strategies of both traditional and modern Muay Thai. Classes are taught through our very well structured syllabus and drills but in 'Mixed level' classes we also cover senario, partner and pad training. One of the main goals of this class is to spend enough time improving the mentioned skills so they all become second nature and highly effective in the ring or whenever the situation presents itself. We get into technical discussion about how techniques and combinations are best executed. In addition we examine offensive and defensive techniques looking at feints, blocks, counters, grappling, muay boran, self-defense, conditioning and our grading syllabus. It is quite common to be training with partners using only your shin gaurds and boxing gloves as pads. Sometimes we dont wear any protective equipment! We also cover much more in depth the clinch of Muay Thai and shift away from standard static learning into much more dynamic systems of learning. Most of our drills and exercises are performed in timed rounds so that everyone can work to their full potential without needing to feel intimidated for holding up the more advanced students.

Stay On.. Go Further

All Students are encouraged to stay on for our Pad Blast and Sparring class that follows our mixed level class. Although this class is optional for non fighters! Our active Fighters must attend these classes regulary or they will not be put forward for fights! This class is far more physically demanding and will significantly improve your fitness and help you to develop at a much faster rate. These classes also help you retain what you are learning more effectively as you are able to put what you have learnt into practise giving and you have the freedom to put your own stamp on our Muay Thai system.

After weeks of going to different fitness classes i.e. boot camp, circuit training and body conditioning I decided they wasn’t giving me the effects that I would like so I decided to try a different class, that’s when I heard about Muay Thai. If I’m honest I only started this class as I heard from rumours it is the best form of weight loss and fitness there is. However when I started I found I really enjoyed it and now after 4 months of training in this martial arts sport I will never go back. Lee Badman is an excellent coach and teacher of the sport, within the gym there is a great atmosphere and we all get on really well. I am looking forward to improving my performance and competing later this year.

Sammy - Kingswood, Bristol

I have tried many sports in my lifetime from rugby to american football, kickboxing and karate, but none have tested or challenged me and my body as much as Muay Thai has! Combat Warriors has helped me so much to improve my fitness, technique, strength and confidence. Being under the wing of a very unique trainer who has a very broad knowledge of the martial art and is a very patient and friendly teacher. I have met alot of great people and they all vary in style and experience which makes it so much more fun and helps me adapt my skills in all aspects of this sport. I will never look back! Lee will help me take myself to the best I can be in the sport. If your thinking of trying Muay Thai yourself I can definately reconmend Combat Warriors. You won't find a better knowledge of the sport in Bristol and you wont be pushed as hard physically but its very rewarding! 

Rob Rees, Filton, Bristol

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