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Private training offers students an opportunity to work with a coach in a one-on-one, personalized training session. These sessions allow the coach to focus directly on the student’s needs or interests, at a pace that is comfortable and effective for the student. We also operate Small group sessions up to a maximum of 4 per group. Private and small group lessons are available for all of the styles taught at Combat Warriors.

Private Sessions

Private sessions can be taken on an indivudual or small group basis. Sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the student and instructor, *usually weekday daytimes or over the weekend making them an excellent option for students with busy or difficult schedules.

To arrange a private lessons, get more information or discuss your specific needs/goals, please do not hesitate to contact Combat Warriors.

  • Kru Lee Badman is also available for Muay Thai Seminars and Workshops upon request!

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Private sessions for Muay Thai, K-1 and KickBoxing are taylor made to your needs, so you can be sure you get the very best from your training!

Preparing for a fight? Looking to improve fitness and flexibility? Just want to finally master those techniques or get ready for grading?

  • 60 Minute Session    £25
  • 90 Minute Session    £35
  • 120 Minute Session  £40


* How far could you go when personally trained by one of our highly qualified Instructors? Reach your full potential anything else just isnt good enough!

After weeks of going to different fitness classes i.e. boot camp, circuit training and body conditioning I decided they wasn’t giving me the effects that I would like so I decided to try a different class, that’s when I heard about Muay Thai. If I’m honest I only started this class as I heard from rumours it is the best form of weight loss and fitness there is. However when I started I found I really enjoyed it and now after 4 months of training in this martial arts sport I will never go back. Lee Badman is an excellent coach and teacher of the sport, within the gym there is a great atmosphere and we all get on really well. I am looking forward to improving my performance and competing later this year.

Sammy - Kingswood, Bristol

I have tried many sports in my lifetime from rugby to american football, kickboxing and karate, but none have tested or challenged me and my body as much as Muay Thai has! Combat Warriors has helped me so much to improve my fitness, technique, strength and confidence. Being under the wing of a very unique trainer who has a very broad knowledge of the martial art and is a very patient and friendly teacher. I have met alot of great people and they all vary in style and experience which makes it so much more fun and helps me adapt my skills in all aspects of this sport. I will never look back! Lee will help me take myself to the best I can be in the sport. If your thinking of trying Muay Thai yourself I can definately reconmend Combat Warriors. You won't find a better knowledge of the sport in Bristol and you wont be pushed as hard physically but its very rewarding! 

Rob Rees, Filton, Bristol

Getting Started


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