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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we recieve at our gym! If after reading this article you do not find the answer to any questions you have. then please do not hesitate to contact kru Lee Badman for more information! He can be contacted by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 07970 518 121.

Q: Why Choose Combat Warriors?

A: Combat Warriors is the "Ultimate Training Centre" offering superior Martial Arts tuition. Our instructors place a great emphasis on quality of technique and are always keen to share their knowledge and skills, Combat Warriors can help you to achieve your goals. We cater for all levels of students and our state-of-the-art centres provide all the equipment you need and more in order for you to be the best you can.

Q: Do you accept beginners?

A: Yes, in fact many students join us without any kind of formal training. Our syllabus is therefore designed to develop those with no previous martial arts experience at a steady pace. During your first class one of our trainers will work with you on fundamental skills, which will then enable you to participate in classes and progress over time.

Q: What are the benefits?

A: There are huge rewards for practising martial arts with both regards to your personal fitness and mental wellbeing. You can learn vital skills for self protection and also burn up to 800 calories per class for fat loss, which in turn can shape and tone your body. Other benefits include improved strength, increased self confidence and a sense of achievement.

Q: Is it safe to train?

A: The safety of our students is of paramount importance at all times. Our fully qualified Instructors ensure that our students adhere to correct procedures to train in a safe manner and avoid any possible injuries. Please be advised however that general health is the foundation of all exercise. You should consult your GP prior to undertaking any new martial arts tuition, if you have any health issues which may have an adverse effect on your training.

Q: Will I get hurt?

A: Martial arts always carries a risk of getting hurt as does any competitive sport, however this is the exception rather than the rule. Be rest assured that safety is our top priority at Combat Warriors and members will be taught the fundamentals, which will be overseen by our Instructors to minimise and eliminate any injuries that can occur. While occasional accidents do occur, we reiterate the rate of injury for most of our students is no greater than in any other sport.

Q: What is Muay Thai

A: Muay Thai is the Thai national sport of Thailand. It focuses on Striking an opponent with the use of your hands, feet, shins, knees and elbows, Muay Thai also utilises a clinch system making Thai Boxing a complete martial art. More details about Muay Thai can be found in our class descriptions.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: For initial training you are advised to wear comfortable workout clothes such as shorts or tracksuit bottoms that do not run under your feet. Other essentials include a small sweat towel and plenty of water to stay hydrated, we also sale a selection of water and energy drinks in our gym shop where we also sale appreal and any protective gear you may need. .

*Muay Thai students will need: 14oz boxing gloves, shin pads and a mouthpiece. Men should also have a groin protector.

All jewellery must be removed prior to training, so you are advised to leave any valuable items in the safety of your home.

Q: How often should I train?

A: This all depends on your personal goals, for some its to keep fit and learn new skills whilest for others the gaol is to become competitive. Therefore our membership plans have been set up to provide you with a cheaper alternative to payg. You may wish to discuss your goals with one of our instructors who spend some time running through which option would suit you best.  However, there are guidelines we suggest you follow until you reach the appropriate skill set. For beginners we recommend that after completing initial classes, you undertake a maximum of two-three classes per week. We advise this in order to allow your body the appropriate length of time to recover between sessions. For competitive fighters the training schedules will vary especially at peak pre fighting times and our instructors will advise you fully on the level of sessions you can safely undertake. Please visit our timetable for full class listings.

Q: When will I notice results?

A: Once undertaking a training programme with Combat Warriors you should see some basic improvement within your first month. With dedication and enthusiasm after about six weeks you will notice increases in your strength, flexibility and knowledge of the techniques and you should feel great. Remember, physical activity and Martial Arts are not a quick fix, it should become a part of your everyday lifestyle.

Q: Is there an age restriction?

A: No. Training can be undertaken by all ages and we have members aged from six-years to 65. Our workouts are the toughest you are likely to encounter but these are tough for anyone at any age. You can be rest assured you will be introduced slowly and eventually with the professional help and guidance of our fully qualified Instructors and the encouragement of your fellow students, you will soon be able to complete all the classes and workouts.  All we ask of you is to perform to the best of your ability so that you may reach your full potential whilst taking care not to over exert yourself in your first few weeks of training. Our workouts are rigorous and therefore you body will require time to adjust. Should you need to stop at any time please ensure you do so. Combat Warriors is a friendly academy and we do not tolerate arrogance. Please do not feel intimidated by advanced students instead use them as inspiration and motivation to further your own training.

Q: Do I have to fight or can I join solely for exercise purposes?

A: Not at all, in fact only a small percentage of our members are competitive athletes. The majority join us simply to get in shape, to lose and maintain weight or get general exercise. Others want to learn a new skill or just enjoy the growth that comes with practicing a martial art. Should you choose to fight you will require a full assessment by the Kru.

Q: Can I try out Combat Warriors before committing to a membership?

A: Combat Warriors recomend that you to test drive our academy for yourself before jumping in the deep end. This will get you acquainted with the gym, our coaches and students. We feel everyone should try out our facility to ensure it fulfils their needs before making a decision to commit. At your initial consultation we will fully discuss your martial arts and training goals allowing us to gain an understanding about your physical and technical level. This will allow our Instructors to properly tailor your training programme. We pride ourselves in developing a great relationship with students and your progress in a relaxed atmosphere is of great importance.

Q: Do I need to be in shape before I start?

A: Not at all. Being in shape certainly helps, however we have found that most students gain tremendous physical benefits just from the training. You can work at your own pace and gradually increase your level of activity as you gain more experience over time. With consistent training, you will develop increased strength and stamina for inside and outside the gym. We would remind all students to consult a doctor prior to embarking on any kind of exercise program.

Q: How do I start?

A: Simply call us on 07970 518 121 to check that the class has sufficient space available or pop on over to see a class in action

Q: Should I decide to undertake tournaments or competitions in the future, can you help me reach the appropriate competitive level and how long will it take?

A: We encourage anyone who is interested and dedicated to compete but we also want to be certain that our students are physically and mentally prepared for the challenge, so please consult our coaching staff. If you want to compete in Muay Thai, K1 or KickBoxing the Coaches and Instructors at Combat Warriors will help you to reach your goals. Many of our Instructors have also competed and/or coached at the world class level and are willing to share their knowledge in order to help you become a competitor at your chosen sport. The length of time it takes to reach the competitive level depends on the individual. We will constantly evaluate your progress and inform you when you are ready to compete.



Q: Do you offer private lessons?

A: Yes. In fact private lessons are highly valuable because the student can customise their lesson to meet their own goals and at the same time receive full attention from the Instructor. Each class can be focused around a variety of aspects and really help the student to improve the areas they are most concerned about. Many of our trainers offer private and semi-private lessons, please contact us for rates.

Q: What precautions do you take in limiting any potential injuries or accidents?

A: As previously stated the safety of our students is of paramount importance and therefore our fully qualified Instructors ensure that our students adhere to correct procedures at all times to avoid any possible injuries. Combat Warriors also has a certified, appointed person in First Aid and Health and Safety and a fully equipped First Aid box is always available.

Q: Are woman allowed to train?

A: Our classes are open to everyone and many women participate in our classes, but we always have space for more.

Q: Do you have a grading syllabus?

A: Yes, students grade every three to four months, depending on your chosen discipline.

Q: Are you insured and affiliated to the appropriate governing bodies?

A: Combat Warriors is fully insured with £5 Million indemnity. We also have Student to Student insurance for added protection.

Q: Why in Thai Boxing do you kick with the shin and not the foot?

A: The shin is an extremely solid weapon; you are not going to break your shin kicking someone, whereas the foot is made up of numerous small bones that can, and often do, break on impact.

Q: Does that mean you can get shin injuries?

A:  Occasional clashes of shin on shin can be sickeningly painful for intermediate and advanced students and do leave your shins a bit "bumpy" from time to time. The wearing of shin pads while sparring helps to prevent this. By kicking the pads and bags you are extremely unlikely to cause any real damage, unless you kick Kru's conditioning bag (Not for newbies to play with)

Q: Can Cancer develop from too much bruising?

A: There are no confirmed reports of this ever happening within our art. However, physical impact to the testicles could assist towards cancerous cells developing in that area. Being a kicking martial art that is a worry, which is why a groin guard should be worn at all times when sparring and is mandatory in competition.

Q: What factors should I take into account when choosing an academy?

A: An outstanding academy will follow strict protocols and will have appropriate and necessary literature readily available for inspection.

*Ask the instructor for his/her credentials including an Instructors' certificate and training experience, their First Aid and Health and Safety certificates. Also ask to see their licence, insurance and details of the Governing body.

*Also consider the academy location and ease of parking, class times and fees - a true instructor does not constantly pester their students for money.

Q: I am a black belt in Karate; do you accept students from other disciplines?

A: Yes, we already train several black belts. In fact we welcome all martial disciplines provided our rules and etiquette are abided to.

Q: Do you offer group lessons to corporations or law enforcement agencies?

A: Yes, Combat Warriors offers a variety of group lessons please check our website for further information

Q: Do you offer gift certificates?

A: We hope to offer a variety of gift vouchers in the near future.

After weeks of going to different fitness classes i.e. boot camp, circuit training and body conditioning I decided they wasn’t giving me the effects that I would like so I decided to try a different class, that’s when I heard about Muay Thai. If I’m honest I only started this class as I heard from rumours it is the best form of weight loss and fitness there is. However when I started I found I really enjoyed it and now after 4 months of training in this martial arts sport I will never go back. Lee Badman is an excellent coach and teacher of the sport, within the gym there is a great atmosphere and we all get on really well. I am looking forward to improving my performance and competing later this year.

Sammy - Kingswood, Bristol

I have tried many sports in my lifetime from rugby to american football, kickboxing and karate, but none have tested or challenged me and my body as much as Muay Thai has! Combat Warriors has helped me so much to improve my fitness, technique, strength and confidence. Being under the wing of a very unique trainer who has a very broad knowledge of the martial art and is a very patient and friendly teacher. I have met alot of great people and they all vary in style and experience which makes it so much more fun and helps me adapt my skills in all aspects of this sport. I will never look back! Lee will help me take myself to the best I can be in the sport. If your thinking of trying Muay Thai yourself I can definately reconmend Combat Warriors. You won't find a better knowledge of the sport in Bristol and you wont be pushed as hard physically but its very rewarding! 

Rob Rees, Filton, Bristol

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